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Why Us?

Fast and Easy Loans
24 hours
Payable weekly up to 8 weeks
Repayment via MPESA
Refinance Your Business

Do you want to grow your business?

Access our easy loan within 24 hours

Loan Requirements


Valid ID of the Applicant and Guarantor
Applicant’s and Guarantor’s passport photos
Processing fee of Kshs. 550

Find Loan Products We Offer

We will match you with a loan program that meets your financial need by striving to make funds available to you within 24 hours of application.

Application Process


Our agent visits your business
Loan security confirmation
Pay application and processing fee of Ksh 550
Agent to submit a fully filled form
Loan disbursement.

Loan within a day

Borrow a loan in a quick, easy and completely transparent process to fuel your future aspirations and dreams.

Repayment Process

Repayment Process

Select “Pay bill” from your Safaricom MPesa Menu.
Select “Enter Business Number”.
Enter XXXXXX (See all franchise Paybill numbers)
Select “Enter Account Number”.
Enter Your Mobile Number.
Enter Amount.
Press “OK” Only when you are sure of all the details You entered.
You will then receive a “Confirmation Message” from MPesa.

It is easy

Lipa Na M-PESA offers a versatile and secure mobile payment solution that provides a seamless customer experience.

Request a Call Back

If you would wish to contacts us regarding our services, please call us though:

+(254) 738-800-066